Management Team

With the appointment of Bond Prop Management as your managing agents we will be extending to you our unparalleled efficient and extensive expertise in managing condominiums, commercial and industrial properties led by a team of dedicated Managers and staff in consultation with our Proprietor.



BSc (Hons) Real Estate Management (UK)

Higher Diploma Real Estate Management (UTS, AUST.)

Marketing Management (CIM U.K.), Fire Safety Manager



MR PREM KUMAR has vast experience in the field of Property Management, Maintenance, Real Estate and Fire Safety Management for more than 26 years. He will be directly responsible for overseeing the performance of the Property Managers and Executives and will be liaising with the Management Corporation and The Committee Members to ensure proper and efficient services are provided. He has successfully negotiated defects settlement with some of the big time developers in town both through a legal process and through a private settlement agreement. These settlements involve big projects with units in excess of 600 units.

His management system includes very meticulously drawn checklist system to ensure that all nook and corners are being inspected by appointed managers for the property. His system of a proper check and balance system incorporates an annual audit of the property with proper reports presented to the council. He has also managed many commercial buildings during his 26 years in the industry.

We strongly believe with him heading the company we will be able to provide you with excellent services to ensure that your asset is maintained giving you maximum returns.