Management System


With our Management System we

Will ensure good overall control and supervision of the property within a present reasonable income and expenditure budget.

Will provide value added management such as project management, facility management, energy management, annual building audit and prudent financial management

Will manage property well and enhance value of your property by minimizing the impact of a declining one and maximizing the effects of a rising one.

Will ensure good inflow of funds where management can continue to work efficiently and implement new ideas and improvements to the property

Will provide specific attention to building condition and in-house preventive maintenance programs for the technician employed by the Management Corporation.

Will implement proper inspection systems in standardized formats ensuring that minor building defects are noted down and attended to on a regular basis and, thus, ensuring that the building is maintained to a condition acceptable by the Management.

Will give standardized feedback forms to all residents to ensure that a proper channel of communication is established. This will ensure that the Council is aware of matters that affect residents.

Will provide proper head office support with Director attending council meetings and general meetings and weekly site inspection and briefing with staff.

Will improve your position in the industry to compete with the new prestigious condominiums that are being built.